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LISP Programming Language

This is a page about the LISP programming language. It is by a newbie, for newbies. I am interested in both Linux and Windows environments, and GUI and non-GUI applications.

Also on this site

  • alist - association lists, having form ((:foo . 1) (:bar . 2))
  • allegro - commericial Lisp with a free implementation
  • clisp - works on Linux, OS X, and Windows
  • doctools - tools for documenting Lisp source code
  • files - ways to process the lines of a file
  • filesystem - file and directory processing
  • format - some format recipes
  • gui - some options for those wanting to write GUIs using LISP.
  • group-by - a quicklisp-installable aggregation library
  • http-client client-side web processing
  • interesting - interesting libraries not available under quicklisp
  • lili - documentation generated automatically for the lili package. (see doctools for regeneration)
  • loops - some loop fragments that I'm collecting
  • macros - my attempt to get my head around Lisp macros
  • packages - some notes
  • plain-odbc - ODBC on CLISP on win32
  • plists - they have the form (:foo 1 :bar 2)
  • querying - how to write SQL-like queries over lists
  • Quicklisp - a dependency-aware repository of libraries. You can specify a library that you want installed, and Quicklisp will handle the dependencies. Think apt-get for Lisp.
  • regex - the many forms of regex libraries
  • sbcl - probably the premier choice for Linux
  • strings - string manipulation
  • tips - various tips provided by lisptips
  • types - getting to grips with the type system
  • unclassified - bits and bobs that I haven't put into subject categories
  • vectors - can also act like queues

    Links to other sites


    Interesting pages within Cliki, a Common Lisp wiki.
  • convenience library - designed to make your code shorter


  • CLHS - Common Lisp Hyperspec - language definition - so it's a first-class resource
  • CLOCC - Common Lisp Open Code Collection. Repository for software written in ANSI Common Lisp, free, portable, self-contained, and ready to use.
  • Common Lisp Cookbook - Coding recipes, and links to quality reference material
  • debugging - chapter 27 of On Lisp that is actually about editors, but contains links to chapters 10, 16 and 22, which are useful for debugging
  • iterate - loop replacement. Very good!
  • Lizard logo - very professional-looking logo for when the alien might appear too off-the-wall. It's the logo I use at the top of this page. The image is public domain
  • Logos - the alien logo used on this webpage is in the public domain
  • On Lisp - by Paul Graham - "The first book that really explains what Lisp is all about."
  • Practical Common Lisp - online book by Peter Siebel - very high quality, aimed at beginners
  • Simplified Common Lisp Reference - not as detailed as the CLHS, but a simplified version with (possibly) more comprehensible examples.
    Author:  Mark Carter
    Updated: 25-Feb-2013